Finally, a Copilot for ISO 27001.

Your AI assistant for ISO27001. Solve doubts, get things done faster with a knowledgeable expert.

The competitive advantage consultants want.

Increase productivity and accelerate ISO 27001 preparation.

Whether you're an ISO 27001 expert or a beginner in charge of implementing the standard, you sometimes face tough questions. Defining a scope, assessing a risk, coming up with a treatment plan. Just solve these issues faster by adding some brain power.
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We care about privacy, security, and trust.

The ISO 27001 Copilot has been built following the best secure AI deployment guidance. We're constantly catching up with the latest knowledge to keep securing our AI assistant.

Super helpful and fun to work with.

Information Security Manager
Anonymous startup in Norway

All you can expect from an ISO 27001 expert.

The AI ISO 27001 assistant helping lead implementers.

Start a conversation about your ISMS needs. Whether you’re assessing a risk or designing an action plan—when you’re stuck, ask the ISO 27001 Copilot.

Get feedback on your ideas

When leading an ISO 27001 implementation or maintaining an ISMS, you often work by yourself. The ISO 27001 Copilot can help you reducing blindposts.

Deliver documents faster

Writing policies and procedures tailored to a company takes time. The ISO 27001 Copilot enables you to write or completer faster any ISMS document you neeed.
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Start making your life easier with ISO 27001 Copilot.

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Is the ISO 27001 Copilot secure?

An ISO 27001 assistant shall be secure. Don't you agree?


Confidentiality first.
Use our assistant responsibly within security guidelines. Anonymize sensitive details before sharing.


Data Protection Compliance.
Our sub-processor complies with GDPR. Their ser are located in the US.
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Hear from some of our amazing users.

The ISMS Copilot helped us crafting a privileged access policy. Of course we still had to adapt it to our company, but it saved us a lot of time. Recommended to anyone building an ISMS.

Sindre G.
Security Architect in Norway

I've been surprised by the speed of answers and the precision of implementation steps. Plus, I can talk to it in my native language, and it understands it. I really like it.

Ramona D.
Senior Cybersecuriy Consultant in Spain

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the ISO 27001 Copilot.
What is the ISO 27001 Copilot?
The ISO 27001 Copilot is a chatbot trained with relevant ISO 27001-related knowledge to. The methodology it follows has been reviewed by experienced professionals, making it reliable for ISMS implementation and maintenance.
Who is behind the ISO 27001 Copilot?
The ISO 27001 Copilot has been created by Better ISMS, a company dedicated to leveraging AI in information security management. Its founder has succesfully run ISO 27001 implementation projects in the payment industry, and helped dozens of companies developing information security policies.
Can you trust the ISO 27001 Copilot?
Yes. The ISO 27001 Copilot is already knowledgeable enough to give you reliable answers. That said, we're in beta phase, meaning the ISO 27001 Copilot is still expected to improve, especially on knowledge of Appendix A controls. Also, chatbots, like humans, can make mistakes, especially when lacking of context. If you notice any issue, just let us know.
What is the ISO 27001 Copilot responds wrongly?
If the answer provided is incorrect to your best knowledge, either say it to the chatbot, or use the chat support in the app. Admin will review your feedback and make any adjustment to the agent's knowledge.
Is the ISO 27001 Copilot free?
The ISO 27001 Copilot is accessible both in free and paid versions. Paid users get unlimited access, while free users might be limited in their use.
Why is the ISO 27001 Copilot better over ChatGPT?
ChatGPT hasn't been trained on relevant ISO 27001 implementation knowledge. It means it's likely to miss a deep understanding of the standard, and it can make more mistakes tha a specialized model.

On the contrary, the ISO 27001 Copilot has increased knowledge of ISO 27001, which means it's more reliable.
What are the use cases of the ISO 27001 Copilot?
Pretty much everything that's required for ISO 27001 preparation. We recommend you this guide to understand how the copilot can help at each step.
What languages does the ISO 27001 Copilot speak?
The ISO 27001 Copilot understands many languages. You can safely interact with it in English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Romanian, Catalan. But remain aware that it has been trained in English, so to stay acurate, it will reply to you in English.  
Is the ISO 27001 Copilot secure?
Yes, it is, and we're working hard on it. The model isn't trained with your data. We still invite you to avoid sharing personal or sensitive data when possible. To know more, please read our trust center.
Who is the ISO 27001 Copilot for?
For anybody working on ISO 27001 who needs some extra help. Small businesses, information security consultants, who're really busy and need to get things done. We're here to help information security professionals such as ISO 27001 lead implementers or auditors, not replace them.

We believe the Copilot is leveraged best by individuals with a deep knowledge of ISO 27001 implementation. If you're looking for a great resource to start with, we recommend you our affiliated partner Aron Lange's course: ISO 27001 Lead Implementer Course.
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